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Ice Cream!

My students were doing surveys last week (we just started a unit on circles and what better way to study central angles than making pie charts?) and one topic was favorite foods.  I said pie, but after seeing the link up “Sundae Blog Hop” I might have to change my answer to ice cream.  Perhaps pie a la mode is a good compromise.

In any case, summer is nearly here and one of my favorite things to do is bike to an ice cream parlor.  This was a special occasion in my childhood- when both my parents were home and the weather was nice, they would take my brother and I out for a bike ride, over the ‘mountain’ and through the park, to the center of town for our pick of ice cream.  It always tastes so much better when you’ve had to work for it.

Sadly I can’t get out on my bike yet since my allergies are making me feel seriously lethargic.  I’ll be sure to have new posts up Monday-Friday, but for today some stories about ice cream will have to suffice!


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