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Treasury Tuesday: Salem Etsians

Last Sunday I met with some local Etsy sellers.  We have formed a team called Salem Etsians and are proud to represent Salem, MA on Etsy.  We have plans for a craft crawl June 10 as a part of Etsy’s craft party, check out meetup to find a party near you!  While waiting to see what everyone brings to the party I decided to check out all of their Etsy shops.  Here are some of my favorite items from members of the team:

‘Salem Etsians’ by TintedGreen

A treasury featuring members of the Salem Etsians team. All featured shops are located in Salem, MA.

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Are you planning on participating in a craft party? If there isn’t one near you just ask your local craft store, I bet they’d love to host one!


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Salem Etsians

Today the newly formed Etsy Team, Salem Etsians met for the first time. Merritt put together this group with the hope that if we join together we can be more successful. I love the idea of real people to chat with, plus hopefully we can capitalize on the “buy local” movement if we advertise in town as a team. The group that showed up today was a mixed bag including all types of artists and a vintage seller. Several of us are also new to Salem so hopefully we can help each other navigate the town as well as the mysterious ways of Etsy.

So far we’re planning a craft night, which is even turning into a “craft crawl” since there are 3 craft shops on Front Street all interested in participating. Other ideas include selling at local markets, making joint business cards/flyers and setting up gallery nights where we sell and share our crafts. Hopefully we can realize all of these ideas, but even if not – I got to get to the Coven early, have my favorite sandwich (french onion soup) and get a couple hours of grading in, followed by another couple hours of socializing with cool people. It’s already a win from where I stand.

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