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5 Things Friday

So, I’m finding myself to be very jealous of Allison from the amazing blog Little Lovelies.  She has a beautiful blog set up and she shared her amazing craft room today (remember how I was just talking about Craft Room Envy?).  Plus she had a great idea called “5 Things Friday” where she shares 5 things about different topics each Friday.  I thought it was brilliant, plus it fits so well in my “easy for me, interesting for you” blog motto that I just have to copy her.  They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, which is certainly my intention here.

This week’s 5 things will be all about the week’s accomplishments:

1. I started this blog!  I have some ideas for how to make sure that I have time to post, hopefully the posts I did this week will form an easy schedule to follow so I always have interesting content for you to read.

2. I found a lot more cool blogs to share.  Allison is probably my favorite so far, but I look forward to telling you about other people I’ve discovered.  Does anyone know how to create a blog roll in wordpress?

3. I learned both tunisian crochet and entrelac.  I only made a little sample that can hardly be called a bag, but it may work out to become a part of an upcycled vase… more updates on that soon.  Plus, the often promised but not yet realized post on both methods of crochet!

4. New yarn arrived in the mail!  I love this amazing colorway from BlueDogFibers.  And I got to spend a mindless evening winding it.  I love winding yarn when it doesn’t tangle.

5. I started crocheting a hemp basket (which I intend to finish as soon as I hit publish).  Hemp is a fun yarn to use and it’s not as rough as I remember from doing macrame.

That’s all I’ve been up to this week.  What about you?


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