Yoga Mat Strap

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So, I know I’ve been MIA for, ya know, the whole summer. Sorry about that, life was far busier than I ever expected, and aside from finishing a wedding present I wasn’t terribly motivated to craft.  However, that ended today!

Back in June I was visiting a friend and her neighbor had an old sewing machine sitting in the garage that he wanted to see back in use, I nabbed it (free machine? yes!) but only had enough time to google the manual and do a bit of test stitching before I left town.  When I was at Michael’s a couple weeks ago I saw some fabric on super sale and grabbed it without any idea what I’d do with it.  Yesterday I decided that I was ready to get back into going to yoga class and wanted to bike or walk, but I didn’t know how to carry my mat.  I ended up driving yesterday (but I did at least do a major grocery run on the way home to justify the car) and was determined to solve the problem today.  I googled patterns, saw some bags that were fine, but then I found this pattern for a strap.  It’s simple enough- two adjustable loops and a strap between- which is perfect for my complete lack of sewing experience.  Plus it’s cute and I had enough fabric to make it!

Since I generally fail at following instructions I made a lot of modifications.  First, I wanted to be able to wear my mat on my back with the strap across my chest, so I made it longer.  The fabric I had was 27″ long, so I cut 3 strips that length.  It’s a little longer than necessary, but works just fine.  Second, I didn’t have any interfacing, so I skipped it.  Third, I was frustrated with my machine by the time I got to the stitching when it was right side out, so I ended up skipping that too.  Mine may not last as long or be as nice looking as the original, but it cost about a dollar and I learned a lot so I’m fine with that.

I had to google how to use a rotary cutter, but it worked great!

At first I forgot to put the foot down and thus had to re-thread 3 times in a row…

The wooden dowel (chopstick) worked great for flipping it right side out!

I used my iron for the first time in who knows how long.  All flat and pretty!

Right before flipping I ran out of thread in the bobbin so I had to wind a bobbin, and then re-thread, again.  But things weren’t quite working so I took everything apart and re-threaded once more.  I still couldn’t figure out why I was getting those loose loops alternating with puckered fabric.  Tension?  Speed?  Something else?  In the end I decided the final stitching was unnecessary and took out what I’d already done with it right side out (putting me back to the previous photo).

I did the button holes by hand while watching tv.  I don’t know if my machine can do them, but I wasn’t up for figuring it out.

Final Product:


Tonight, I walked to yoga class and got to enjoy the beautiful weather on the way out and fully appreciate the sunset on my way home.  The strap worked great and I feel confident I could bike with it too!  Definitely a project I’d do again, hopefully by then I’ll have mastered machine sewing a bit better.  Thanks so much Jenny and Craftzine!


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