5 Things Friday

June 3, 2011 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

This week it’s really started to feel like summer.  Memorial day is the unofficial start to summer, Wednesday was the first of June and we’ve had temperatures solidly into the 80’s.  Overall my brain is thinking summer even though we have a month of school left (snow days pushed the last day of high school here all the way to the 29th!).  This week’s 5 things are all about what I’m looking forward to this summer.

1.  The big event of the summer this year is a trip to Park City, Utah for 3 weeks.  It’s basically math camp for adults – 55 teachers (plus groups of undergrads and grad students) spend July working on math and discussing teaching methods.  Plus, it sounds like there’s plenty of time to explore the area – concerts, biking, hiking and more!  I can’t wait to get away, meet new people and exercise my body and brain in different ways than they are during the school year.

2.  Since I was already flying half way across the country I decided to visit my friend in Seattle.  Combining the two trips seriously reduces my carbon footprint, so I feel a bit better about jetting across the country.  I’m spending the last week of July there, mostly exploring on my own since my friends have to work, so if anyone has recommendations I’d love to hear them!

3.  Soon after I return I’ll be attending a college friend’s wedding.  It promises to be a great experience- they’re having it at the family lake house and some of us are camping on site rather than getting a hotel.  I love this lake, so much so that the view from the hammock has been my cell phone background for years.  Of course, there’s also the wedding part, and I’m really excited for the happy couple!

view from hammock

4. After the wedding I’ll have a few weeks until school starts back up.  Some of that time will be spent exploring Salem.  There’s a big summer tourist season so there will be plenty of events to attend plus local favorites to explore.  To offset the excessive travel in the first half of the summer I’m hoping to leave my car at home and commute primarily by bicycle.  It will also help me avoid the traffic!

5.  I do really value my alone time though, so I’m also hoping to spend some time camping or just day tripping to local lakes.  It will be perfect to sit back and enjoy the calm, take in some nature and go on an adventure.  I discovered letterboxing about a year ago (it’s like geocaching without a gps) and it’s a great way to discover hidden charms of local areas.

Thinking about all of this makes me even more anxious to get out and start experiencing it all!

Aside from daydreaming, this week I’ve been recovering from pollen exposure over the weekend, working on some new picnic placemats (they roll up with silverware and napkin secured inside) and playing with needlepoint coasters.  More on all of that soon.

That’s about it for this week.  What have you accomplished over the past 7 days?

As always, thanks to Allison for the “5 Things Friday” theme.

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