May is Bike Month!

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Last Friday (May 20) was Bike to Work Day.  The high school I work at rewarded students who biked or walked to school (and arrived on time!) with breakfast.  Since Friday was just like every other day last week, it was raining and generally icky out, so we celebrated again on Monday! shares a great video about biking to work.

I have walked to work every day this school year except for a few times when I had to drive somewhere during or after school and once when I was running late and wasn’t up to facing the ice rink the sidewalks had become.  Even when I plan to go out with co-workers at the end of the day I get a ride from someone else and usually we all pile into one car.  Back in September, my students were surprised to see me walking, my parents didn’t think I’d make it through the winter (and we had a doozy of a snow season this year!) and co-workers felt badly when they drove past.  But I just keep telling everyone- I like walking, it wakes me up and I get to actually experience the outdoors for a few moments.  I pay attention to the weather now, but even if it suddenly changes I have galoshes and a poncho stashed in the closet so I’m prepared for anything.

When I want to go somewhere a little bit further away I’d love to tell you that I bike there, but since moving to Salem that’s only happened once.  I hope that once allergy season ends I’ll start taking short rides and hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be biking all around town!

The one time I did bike somewhere was to the train.  I love taking the train!  For the three summers that I worked on my masters at BU I took the train every day.  I had to leave 2 hours before lecture began, but I would have spent all that time in traffic if I’d been driving and the train is so much better.  I enjoy crocheting on the train- I feel doubly productive traveling and creating at once, plus people often ask about what I’m making.  My favorite moment remains the day that a woman asked if she could watch me, then sat mesmerized by the hook and yarn dancing together.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation?


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