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I’m a little bit late, but I’m celebrating the 2nd Annual Hemp History Week (it was May 2nd-8th). I was one of those young girls fascinated with friendship bracelets, lanyard/gimp/boondoggle (depending on location? or just who taught you?) and macrame.  So hemp was something I used to make necklaces/bracelets.  I liked the natural color better than the dyed hemp because it was softer and easier to work with (which I’m sure has a lot more to do with how the hemp was processed, not the dyeing). As with most crafts I picked up, the hemp, beads and clasps were all packed away in a storage bin that lived under my bed.  I didn’t think about hemp much at all, except on the occasion that someone would mention hemp clothing as ec0-friendly or how silly it was that the FDA couldn’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana so growing it is banned in the US. Then a few weeks ago I was browsing my favorite online yarn shop which specializes in eco-friendly yarn.  They had hemp yarn and so I figured I should try it out (you should too – it’s on sale for the month of May!).  It’s a bit stiffer than other yarns, but not nearly as bad as that ‘dyed stuff’ I used as a kid.  I decided it would make a nice sturdy bowl/basket and set to work.


When I finished the basket I had some yarn left over, and decided to see how rusty my macrame skills were.  I dug into that bin under my bed, and there was my set of hemp, beads and clasps.  I don’t know if it makes me really organized or a pack rat, but either way I had everything I needed and knew exactly where it was 2 moves later!  Turns out my macrame skills come back as easily as a riding a bike does.


For more information about hemp check out this fact list.  I had no idea that Turkey has grown hemp for 2,800 years for rope, caulking, birdseed, paper and fuel!


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