Craft Room Envy

May 8, 2011 at 8:09 pm 1 comment

I was cleaning my craft area today and was struck with a bout  of craft room envy.  I live in a one bedroom apartment that’s basically a bedroom and a living/dining area.  It’s a great place (seriously convenient location- I can and do walk to work and a shopping plaza with all the essentials except a craft store), but all of my crafting supplies have to be squished into a corner.  Today I set about organizing them.

The designated area is on/under an end table next to one of the doors to the balcony (there are 10 doors in my apartment, the architect really likes doors).  On the table are two baskets of yarn, one of wool and the other “everything else.”  This is only the yarn I plan to use for etsy projects.  I also have a huge bag of yarn in the closet that’s being used for a scrap afghan this year and then hopefully I’ll be able to plan uses for the rest.

Then there’s my tool organizer, I love this thing.  It has drawers, elastic to hold my hooks, pockets and a handle.  All of the little things that get lost live in here, and usually I do fairly well at putting them back.  It certainly helps that it’s right next to the couch, where I do most of my work.

Behind that is my “library” – I have two books and a kindle full of patterns.  With everything that’s available online I try not to buy books, but the one about crochet borders (Around the Corner) was a must have.  The other I’ve had since I was a child, in fact I first taught myself crochet from this book and it’s a great reference.  I also have my envelope of receipts stuck in there.

Tucked between all of those big things is a small box of buttons and some ribbon.  The box was my grandmother’s and it contains an impressive variety of vintage buttons.  My grandmother taught me a bit of sewing but I regret to say that I never got very good.  The fact that I can make a slip knot in my sleep is definitely thanks to her though.

Under the table is a large tote filled with finished projects which have been listed for sale.  Behind that is a large bag full of a secret project in progress (the recipient will probably read this, if so- no peaking!).  Crammed between the couch and table leg are shipping supplies (envelopes, tissue paper and bags – both saved and purchased).  Behind all of that are some of the random supplies for future projects: adorable little baskets, an emptied vanilla jar, gloves for felting, spray paint and fabric markers leftover from a school project… the list goes on!

If I had successfully organized today this would be the end of the tour, but there’s just not enough space to make everything easily accessible.  The scale lives on a stool, projects waiting to be photographed and my ‘backdrop’ (a white pillow case) cover the table and there’s a dried plant once used as a photo prop still sitting on the keyboard.

After listing all of this I’m impressed with how much I do fit into that little corner.  But, I’m still envious of anyone with more than a corner.  I see gorgeous photos of desks, filing cabinets, shelves and even entire rooms.  Perhaps someday I will have my ideal craft room, today I will have to be content that my corner is mostly organized.


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  • 1. KnitPurlGurl  |  May 11, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    You DO fit a lot on a small space. I basically have two corners in my dining room that are not at all organized. LOL! I would very much like to have a craft room someday! 🙂


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